Entrepreneur and Global IT Services Business Coach

hi, i am ian markram

Entrepreneur and Global IT Services Business Coach

I derive great fulfilment from the various roles I embody, as a loving husband and devoted father. Beyond my family responsibilities, I thrive as a driven businessman and professional investor.

I am fueled by a passion for innovation and cutting-edge technologies, eagerly seeking out the next big thing in the dynamic startup scene of Australia. Supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs as angel investor is a source of inspiration and empowerment for me. I am proud of my track record as a seasoned entrepreneur, having successfully sold my IT services firm to a top global company.

It is not just about financial achievements but the continuous journey of learning, growth, and personal development that drives me forward. My diverse investment portfolio, spanning commercial and residential property, thriving breweries, digital media, software, and professional services, reflects my embrace of diversity and the digital revolution.

I am grateful for the impact I make in the lives of others and eagerly anticipate the future, both as a family-oriented individual and a trailblazing investor.

Multiple Winner of BRW (Business Review Weekly) Award


Global IT Services Thought Leader


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Ian’s passion for and focus on improving IT Services businesses’ operating models and growth engines is unquestionable. He & his team help drive continuous improvements in my business in practical steps of a manageable size. His advice has been invaluable in helping me mature as a business leader and putting in place the support needed to drive the growth of Talos. 



Ian’s work ethic was outstanding, and he is an expert at assisting our company in thriving and reaching its full potential. I highly recommend him for his mentorship and leadership abilities. I’ll never forget meeting Ian and Loading Growth since it profoundly impacted my company and me.

Mike Ryan – Managing Director, Cashel Group Consulting


The Podcast/YouTube sessions will be featured in our blogs!

Our blog has the Loading Growth Wheel 9-Key Sections, which contains a curation of foundational principles and innovative concepts that Loading Growth relies on in growing a sustainable, scalable, and ultimately successful IT services firm. 

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Startups and Entrepreneurs

Collaborating as an angel investor, supporting and mentoring innovative ventures.

Business Professionals

Engaging with fellow entrepreneurs and industry leaders, sharing knowledge and experiences.

Industry Experts and Advisors

Seeking guidance from specialists in marketing, sales, digital media, software, and professional services.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT on your podcast/youtube

What’s your Right Next Thing?

  • Invaluable roadmap for businesses.
  • Helps businesses grow and scale operations efficiently.
  • Identifies critical focus areas for achieving goals.
  • Provides step-by-step implementation plan.

Pre-Loaded Calendar

  • Year Calendar for comprehensive planning.
  • Ensures readiness and preparation for the entire year.
  • Balances company and individual schedules.
  • Helps optimise time management.

The Six-Week Gameplan: Running internal company projects

  • Effective game plan for executing internal company projects.
  • Strategies for efficient project management.
  • Focuses on time-bound and result-oriented approaches.
  • Enhances project execution and delivery.

Upgrade Leadership: Growing Leaders

  • Insights on leadership development.
  • Techniques for improving leadership skills.
  • Empowers individuals to become influential leaders.
  • Covers fundamental principles and strategies for leadership growth.

Lead Generation for professional services

  • How to create lead Gen process
  • The real Difference between Marketing and Sales
  • Choose a Who, Craft an Offer
  • Build Authority and Trust

One Page Company Strategy – You need to create a vision for yourself and your team

  • A One-Page Plan is a single page overview of your plan, priorities, and direction. Think of it as the 30,000-foot view of your plan, one you can fold up, put in your notebook, or stick on the wall.